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Monitoring the Effectiveness of Stormwater Management Practices in Portland

Portland, OR is at the forefront of integrating green stormwater infrastructure in the United States. One secret to their success is by consistently monitoring the effectiveness of its green stormwater management technologies.  This allows the city departments to further refine technologies and give the city employees confidence to promote the use of stormwater designs in […]

Portland, Oregon: The Critical Roles Served by Citizen Stewards

Public awareness and engagement is critical for the long-term success of environmental endeavors. Just as every citizen has a right to enjoy the beauty of nature, the responsibility of caring for it lies in their hands, as well.  In Portland, Oregon, citizen stewards have embraced their roles and ensured the success of green infrastructure (GI) […]

Portland’s Innovative Wet Weather Program Raises Community Awareness

The City of Portland’s Innovative Wet Weather Program (IWWP) run by the Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) is a prime example of government-based leadership through action, in implementing a vast array of green infrastructure that focus’ primarily on stormwater management in an attempt to clean the rivers around Portland. Though focused on stormwater management, the […]

Chicago Climate Action Plan: Prioritizing Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies Through Risk Assessment

The Chicago Climate Action Plan (CCAP) is the result of a three-phase research and development process, producing a “roadmap for reducing climate change impacts and adapting to the changes already occurring” (Coffee, et al.). The three phases that produced the CCAP are as follows (Institute for Sustainable Communities): Climate Impacts Report—Assessing climate impacts, vulnerabilities, and […]

Portland’s Tips for Selling Green Stormwater Solutions

Part of the challenge with green infrastructure is that it goes against the norm of what we expect as public works projects to manage water.  Infrastructure is either invisible because it’s underground or above our heads, or it’s become so common that we don’t even notice.  So introducing green infrastructure solutions, while in some cases […]

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