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Portland’s Innovative Wet Weather Program Raises Community Awareness

The City of Portland’s Innovative Wet Weather Program (IWWP) run by the Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) is a prime example of government-based leadership through action, in implementing a vast array of green infrastructure that focus’ primarily on stormwater management in an attempt to clean the rivers around Portland. Though focused on stormwater management, the […]

Chicago Climate Action Plan: Prioritizing Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies Through Risk Assessment

The Chicago Climate Action Plan (CCAP) is the result of a three-phase research and development process, producing a “roadmap for reducing climate change impacts and adapting to the changes already occurring” (Coffee, et al.). The three phases that produced the CCAP are as follows (Institute for Sustainable Communities): “Climate Impacts Report—Assessing climate impacts, vulnerabilities, and […]

Financing Green Infrastructure: Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan

The Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan (SDCP) is an “ambitious, community-driven, multi-species habitat conservation and urban growth planning process…intended to eventually set aside approximately 440,000 acres to help preserve sensitive species and critical wildlife habitat” (Friends of Saguaro National Park). In addition to habitat preservation, the plan aims to preserve cultural and historical resources. The SDCP […]

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