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Building community engagement capacity for Green Streets initiative in Arlington County

In Arlington County, green infrastructure strategies for stormwater and watershed retrofits are most often implemented at the neighborhood or site-scale.  With a commitment to and a valued tradition of community engagement known as “the Arlington Way,” the county has established the Office of Neighborhood Services to assist and coordinate preservation and improvement projects for building […]

Arlington County’s Off-Road Trails: A Multi-Functional Green Infrastructure Solution

At its core, green infrastructure is multi-use, multi-functional, and interconnected.  The off-road trail network in Arlington County, Virginia provides an example of the practical implementation of these principles in an urban setting.  Arlington County, which borders Washington, D.C., is densely urban.  As of 2010, an estimated 212,200 county residents were living in only about 26 […]

Integrating Design into Green Infrastructure Objectives

In March 2006, the Four Mile Run Restoration Master Plan was created to improve the stream corridor in the City of Alexandria and Arlington County. This project seeks to incorporate architectural design with environmentally-friendly techniques to create a form of green design in order to restore the stream channel and wildlife habitat while still providing […]

Stakeholders working together to integrate Arlington’s green infrastructure efforts

There are numerous stakeholders working together to support Arlington green infrastructure initiatives. Arlington County’s strategy for community engagement has been to incentivize homeowner and neighborhood participation at the site-scale. This can be contrasted with the MetroGreen plan in Kansas City, which encourages partnerships among businesses and organizations toward regional goals and projects. Stakeholder partnerships are […]

Green Funding: Arlington County, VA

        “All those who live, work, and visit Arlington County now and in the future will enjoy the benefits of healthy and safe watersheds and all people will take active responsibility for the stewardship of Arlington’s water resources.” ACDES vision statement   Retrofitting Arlington County The majority of Arlington County’s stormwater management funding originates from general funding […]

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