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Boston’s Overflowing Problem

Problem: Massachusetts receives about 45 inches of precipitation annually (Charles River Watershed Association). For a better perspective of volume (storm water generated), a one-acre parking lot will generate 27,000 gallons of storm water after one inch of rain (EPA). A naturally functioning ecosystem typically filters half of the local rainfall in the ground, while the […]

To Conquer the Sea: Boston as a Blue City

Boston’s Blue Cities project addresses the geographic problems inherent in the city since the area was settled by Puritan colonists in the 1630s. Located at the confluence of the Charles, Mystic, and Chelsea Rivers, Boston’s safe harbors and inlets made it a prosperous colonial town. Settlement began on the tactically-advantaged Shawmut Peninsula, which was a […]

CRWA’S Plan for Future Sustainability

It is highly agreeable that clean water is one of the most important resources on earth. One may even argue that water is in fact the most important resource. Contrary to these conditions however, modern infrastructure was not created to reflect such consideration. Urban sprawl has led to the reduction of green spaces due to […]

Strength in Strategic Partnerships

One of the key components of the CRWA’s (Charles River Watershed Association) plan to promote sustainable watershed management practices has been the strategic partnerships that it forms with developers in the Boston area who share the CRWA’s vision of combining urban development with environmental restoration.  One of these successful partnerships is with Harvard University, which […]

Trees Do It.

Trees are integral to most green infrastructure initiatives.  As the organization American Forests has noted, a single tree can absorb 48 pounds of carbon dioxide in a year; every 5% increase in tree cover can result in an offset of 2% of storm water runoff; and properly placed trees can reduce a building’s cooling costs […]

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