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Attracting Wildlife to Your Mid-Atlantic Rain Garden

 It’s no secret that rain gardens are one of the most effective site scale interventions in the green infrastructure tool box. They can manage stormwater to prevent runoff, filter pollution on-site, and provide habitat. According to a guide for homeowners developed by the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD), “Scientific studies have demonstrated that the first inch of rainfall […]

The Highest Form of Flattery: mimicking wetlands for stormwater management

Wetlands provide numerous ecosystem services that are often completely overridden by the urban environment and fabric of the city grid. Wetlands often exist at locations in the landscape that are competitively desired for anthropogenic uses, such as agriculture - for their fertility - or business -for their adjacency to navigable waters. Historically, wetlands were a […]

Denver’s South Platte River revitalization as GI & economic development

Despite it’s vast watershed reaching up into the peaks of the Rockies, the South Platte River is a meandering shallow river running through Denver that until the mid-1970s was largely neglected. Not any more.

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